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Faith Family Church Ministries

Portola, CA

Pastors Richard
and Heather Blair


(530) 832-8499



580 S Gulling St, Portola, CA 96122


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We have been called to help, encourage, and motivate all God’s creation
God created man in His image, and we know that if we look at it from His point of view, we would love to have everyone get along and become a team. Our full and exciting schedules in life are seasons that grow us and help us be more united. There is no excuse for us to be alone; it starts with us creating opportunities to trust God and listen intently for His voice of direction. We are the Body of Christ!

One of the most influential friends in our life always shared this, and it is something we try to live by:


“If you enjoy doing the job that puts food on the table, you will never work a day in your life” - Scott Bergstrom June 4th, 1952 - December 9th 2021

When we become examples like Christ and obey his teachings, we will create a fruitful life. It all starts with focusing on the two commandments that He taught. The 1st Commandment makes it all possible: Love God with all your mind, body, and soul.

As we move through the seasons of life, we should then practice the 2nd commandment that Jesus taught us: to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our neighbors are all the people that we surround ourselves with in life. Understanding both of these commandments is the easy part but practicing them is obviously a whole different story. That’s why keeping our mind, body, and soul focused on Christ becomes so imperative! The purpose of the Bible is to help us trust in the Lord with all our heart and draw our focus on Him.

The Bible is like our traffic light; it tells us when to go, when to slow down, or when to abruptly stop. The Word brings peace and order to our lives. One of the toughest things in life is trusting others’ motives. This is shown in our society day in and day out. Again, if we could just focus on the Word, it would bring light to the 1st two commandments.

At Faith Family Church Ministry, we want to provide a place of comfort and acceptance
We know that there are many things that happen in this world, both good and bad; our job is to bring these things to the surface and focus on the good. We trust the Word, which helps show us who we are! If you don’t believe in God, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, it’s important for you to start focusing on the Word so you can get to know the God who created you and loves you. The Greatest example that ever walked this Earth was a man named Jesus. He was the greatest example of love, patience, boldness, teaching, and character…how can you go wrong? As you study Him and His character, you will soon be open to realizing the bigger picture of your place in this world. True spirituality is alive; it is active.

Where Faith Family Church Ministry Started
We are a Church that started as a Youth group in the small community of Portola, CA, population 1,971. We started in the local park with 2 teenagers in 2014. They told us that they really didn’t know how to believe in God. After hanging out with us that 1st Thursday night, things really took off. In a matter of 3 weeks, we started teaching around 80-100 youth. That started something we had no clue how to handle or even what to plan for. It was at that time that we realized that we were in God’s hands. We are blessed to be able to build “The Dream Team”. The Dream Team started with our family. Justin and Autumn Rose, James and Stacey Glisson, and Carlos and Sierra Hernandez took on the food and security side, while Lisa Gelini stepped right into the younger youth. We truly felt God’s hand move in so many ways that were outside the box in no time flat!

God gets all the glory for pulling this together and growing us. Some other church ministries approached us as we grew, to share with them our secrets of creating such a pull for our growing gathering in youth ministry. We told them we don’t have any secrets, although we do have a God given plan that seems to do pretty good… “The Bible”.

Two of the most important things that we continue to carry out with anyone, and everyone, is this: “It doesn’t matter what you smell like or look like, and we don’t like to have any type of clicks or judgment; so please expect to come and get fed. When you join in with us, expect to be fed twice: 1st - Spiritual feeding; and 2nd - physical feeding.”

Everyone is invited and welcome to come let God be God!

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