4) Find a good Home Church...

It's important to get plugged in to a great Bible-believing church. We say "Bible believing" because it's important to get connected with a church who isn't afraid to teach the Word of God with no compromise, where you can grow spiritually and face life's toughest challenges with real faith and the fullness of God's Word active in your life.

We would like to help you get started if you don't already have a home church. Listed below are links to some great churches in your area. Also, listed below are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

List of churches ...

Here are some links to some lists of churches:

Rhema Recommended Churches List

PCTII Churches List

The Pneuma Foundation List

Tom Brown's List

If you are having trouble finding a church, call us, we can help! 1-800-214-1332


1) Why do I need a church anyway?

There are many reasons, some being the sense of community, having a Pastor for counseling and comfort, having a place where kids can grow up etc. One of the most important reasons is this: God did not intend for us to be "solo" Christians. The Bible speaks very clearly of us being the "Body of Christ". We all have different purposes, but are members of one another. You may be the index finger, and I the ear (metaphorically speaking), but both are vital parts of our bodies. Parts of the body are not meant to live detached from the body...if they are, they die, just like we eventually will spiritually, if disconnected from the Body of Christ.

2) If I go to a church where I'm not growing spiritually,   
    should I leave?

The short answer is: yes. If you are in a place where you are not being "fed" the Word of God, and are not growing spiritually, then you should find a place where you are. The question to ask yourself is this: Am I leaving because the Word of God challenges me and I'm uncomfortable with it? Do I have a problem with submission or accountability? Is the style of worship too exuberant, or too calm? All these reasons are not valid for looking for a new home church. A  person not planted in a local church can never grow strong roots, so when you find the right place, stay there. If you don't like how things are, be a blessing and pray for that ministry, or offer to help where you see an area of weakness!

3) What qualifies as a "Bible-believing" church?
A Bible-believing church is one that is led by a pastor who teaches the full counsel of the Word of God. He is not afraid to speak on any issue, and is not a "people-pleaser". It is a church that loves to pray, and reach out. A church who is not afraid of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. A church where unconditional love abounds, and where people are growing and maturing together. All churches may not be strong in each of these areas, but there is a sense of transparency and excitement for what the future holds!

4) I've tried out a church in this list, but I did not feel
    connected. What should I do?
Hopefully there are other options in the list; but if not, then how about giving them a second or third chance? You can't always judge a book by it's cover, and you can't get a feel for what a church is like on the first or even second visit.

5) There are no churches in my home town. Now what?
  Here are some things you can do:
        1) Pray - that God will raise up a good church there
        2) Ask - there may be a great Bible study in your town
        3) Start - If not, why not start a Bible Study on your own?

Find a home church!